PT Freeport Indonesia

PT Freeport Indonesia 

PT Freeport Indonesia atau biasa disingkat sebagai PTFI merupakan perusahaan tambang mineral afiliasi dari Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) dan Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID). Sejak akhir tahun 2018, PTFI merupakan bagian dari Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) melalui PT Inalum (Persero) setelah diakuisisi sahamnya sebesar 51%, sehingga dinyatakan pula sebagai bagian dari BUMN. MIND ID sendiri merupakan Holding Industri Pertambangan Indonesia, dengan PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) (Inalum), PT ANTAM Tbk, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PT Timah Tbk, dan PT Freeport Indonesia sebagai anggota holding.

PTFI menambang dan memproses bijih menghasilkan konsentrat yang mengandung tembaga, emas dan perak. PTFI memasarkan konsentrat ke seluruh penjuru dunia dan terutama ke smelter tembaga dalam negeri, PT Smelting.

Tambang di kawasan mineral Grasberg, Papua – Indonesia merupakan salah satu deposit tembaga dan emas terbesar di dunia. PTFI saat ini menambang pada fase akhir tambang terbuka Grasberg. Selain itu, PTFI tengah mengerjakan beberapa proyek pada kawasan mineral Grasberg sehubungan dengan pengembangan beberapa tambang bawah tanah berkadar tinggi yang berskala besar dan berumur panjang. Secara total, semua tambang bawah tanah ini diharapkan menghasilkan tembaga dan emas skala besar sehubungan dengan peralihan dari tambang terbuka Grasberg.

Saat ini PT Freeport Indonesia atau PT Manyar Maju Refinery sedang membuka program rekrutmen untuk kebutuhan persiapan smelter Manyar. Berikut adalah posisi dan kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan:

Smelter Operation Readiness - Freight & Transport Superintendent
  • The purpose of this position: Freight & Transport Superintendent will be responsible for leading 3PL engagement and day to day operation within outbound logistic function. The position will have the ownership of the relation and day to day communication including KPI monitor of all 3PL.
  • This position will oversee the day to day operation performance in outbound logistic including 3PL engagement, 3PL performance and making sure lead time precision from plant handover to final shipment to customers destination.
  • In addition, raising to outbound planning superintendent if any dispute of capacity planning vs actual or any overseen potential backlog/ bottleneck in the distribution pipeline.
  • Freight & Transport Superintendent will also be responsible for the custom process both export and import from KEK to customers. Including managing and engagement to custom brokers to secure FCX PBC compliance.
  • This leadership position plays a critical role in ensuring that finish products and by products from both PTFI Smelter and MMR will be loaded and headed to customers location on time and based on agreed SLA in sales contract.

The key duties and responsibilities of this position:
  • Leading day to day operation such as loading, inland haulage and shipment for both bulk and containerized including all the custom process needed.
  • Leading freight & transport officer and SPV to make sure all agreed timeline and goal are achived in timeline manner.
  • Ensure all the trucking vendors, custom brokers are in regulation compliance such as payload, declaration accuracy.
  • Responsible for the engagement and collaboration to 3PL including custom brokers and port authority.
  • Responsible for suggesting to outbound planning superintendent if any dispute between planning and actual.
  • Take action if any unpredicted situation within the outbound activities and raise for escalation.
  • Responsible on cost monitor in accordance with market and volume to benefit customers.
  • Responsible to execute distribution design planning in timeline manner and present feedback if any overseen dispute planning vs actual.
  • Ensure seamless and compliance process for both export and import.
  • Document accuracy check leading and making sure all documents are submitted on time both to authority and internal dept.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to freight and transport function team, following up agreed goals, monitoring progress, and providing regular feedback.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with 3PL, custom brokers, port authority, ID custom, and internal stake holder.
  • Monitor KPI and 3PL performance and safety measurement.
  • Control and ensure loading are based on nomination and ticket including on time inland haulage.
  • Recruiting, training, and mentoring new freight and transport SPV and officers.
  • Making sure no containers miss the shipment schedule (lead time precision 99.5%).

The key challenges in this position:
  • Collaboration and leading function: capability to lead people professionally, including subordinates from various ethnicities, religions, and cultures, to maximize their full potential, this includes hiring, training, coaching and performance review. Problem solver mindset.
  • Excellent execution: Knowledge in handling bulk, feeder, tanker, and trucking commodities with the most effective solution at the most efficient cost.
  • Securing Capacity: Freight and transport superintendent will be responsible for ensuring the high availability (99.95%) of the transport mode based the planning from outbound planning superintendent.
  • Service Level Agreements: Responsible to monitor and maintain 99.5% lead time accuracy of each distribution flow and transport mode.
  • Keeping up with the vessel, container, barge, and bulk distribution market condition: The high uncertainty of vessel routes and availability due to nature, economy, socio politics, and force majeur
  • Prioritizing Tasks: This leadership position will need to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities to ensure that all issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. You will on occasion need to prioritize urgent issues and handle conflicting demands from different stakeholders.
  • Resolving Complex and Technical Issues: This role will be responsible for handling complex technical issues that the team may not be able to resolve on their own. This requires a strong technical background and the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly.
  • Monitoring execution: Marketing will expect precision on lead time and execution based on agreed SLA with customers hence freight and transport superintendent needs to have the sense of urgency to have all execution starts from handling, loading, custom, up to shipment and after sales solution related to distribution.
  • High Pressure Environment: Sales and Marketing are part of the commercial team and be the core to define company renevue. Freight & transport superintendent needs to be critical in seeing risk and potential on site and raise discussion to define solution or action plan.
  • Compliance: Freight & transport planning is mostly related to 3PL, broker, and authority to look into update situation and logistic market as external party and internal party such as sales operation, marketing, GSC, and inbound logistic. Compliance and following FCX Principle of Business Conduct.

The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are:
  • Minimum bachelor degree industrial engineering, management, logistic/ supply chain. Master degree preferred
  • 7-10 years of experience as planning & controlling/ logistic/ transport manager with least 5 years in a leadership role.
  • Supply chain/ Six Sigma/ Logistic certification will be an advantage.
  • Familiar with SAP and power BI
  • Ownership of ahli kepabeanan certificate
  • Knowlegde in vendor management, TMS, WMS, and logistic automation
  • Experience in handling commodity shipment, fleet management, bulk vessel, tanker, containerized for inter islands and overseas
  • Experience in handling custom process import & export in bonded zone or kawasan ekonomi khusus
  • Core Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Characters):Proven experience in handling commodity shipment, fleet management, bulk vessel, tanker both for inter island and export
  • Proven experience in handling export and import by understanding of custom regulation and processes (owning ahli kepabeanan certificate)
  • Proven in engagement to 3PL (bulk, barge, containerized, and warehouse operation)
  • Proven have capability to lead and manage 3PL (trucking, bulk, barge, containerized, container yard, custom brokers, and warehouse operation provider)
  • Excellent in analysis and structured framework of thinking.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to identify and resolve complex logistic issues.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English, technical and conversational.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
  • Knowledge of commodity distribution and its transport mode.
  • Ability to think outside the box to provide solution or proposed solution for the unforseen issues.

Dateline: 17 September 2023

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