PT Interbat

PT Interbat Since first established in 1948, Interbat has grown to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the nation producing more than 270 different medicines.
Interbat was first founded in 1948 by the late Mr. Djoko Sukamto as the sole Indonesian distributor for European pharmaceuticals such as Crinos S.p.A, Zambon, Gentili S.p.A, and Cipan Pharmaceutical.
In 1959, Interbat obtained its own production permit and has since established ourselves as an independent pharmaceutical manufacturer.
In 1971, when Indonesia's Ministry of Public Health regulated a Good Manufacture Practices (GMP) standard for the first time, we immediately received recognition for using manucturing facilities that all conformed to this newly-formed standard.
On May of 1977, we moved all of our production activities to a new two-hectare factory complex in Sidoarjo, situated 15 km from Surabaya, East Java. Since then, Interbat had undergone three factory expansions and major upgrades to its manufacturing facilities, production equipments, quality control laboratories and other regulated facilities, all the while receiving 31 GMP certificates according to WHO standards.
This focus for improvement ensures that our products continue to meet strict local and international standards.
Currently, Interbat produces more than 270 different products in various dosages and forms and is regarded as one of the top pharmaceutical manufacturers in the nation. In the past decade, in fact, we have been constantly ranked within the top five Indonesian pharmaceutical manufacturers. With a focus on improvement being the norm in Interbat, we are positive that our future will prove to be even more astounding than our past history.

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Job Description: 
  • Melakukan administrasi penjualan ke distributor (lokal & ekspor) 
  • Perempuan maks. Usia 30 tahun 
  • Lulusan min. S1 Akuntansi 
  • Computer literate (ms. Office) 
  • Penempatan Buduran, Sidoarjo. 
Kirim berkas lamaran ke 
PT. Interbat Jl. H. R. Moch. Mangundiprojo No. 1, Buduran, Sidoarjo - Jawa Timur 
atau kirim berkas lamaran ke Sebelum 31 Januari 2023
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