PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia as foreign investment Japanese Company is the one of most prominent tuna processing company in Indonesia, providing the best quality for decades.

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia established since 1991 and start to produce in November 23 1992, And now PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia already had two plantation at Gempol and Pandaan.

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia (Japanese Foreign Company) is one of the most prominent tuna processing company in Indonesia providing the best tuna quality for decades. Location in Gempol Pasuruan East Java. 

Offshore Administration Marketing Staff

Qualification below :
  • General Qualification :
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Food Technology, Commerce, Fishery, Economic
  • Preferable have experience as Offshore Administration Marketing (FMCG)
Skill competence :
  • FLUENT in English competency (Oral and Written)
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills (attitudes and behaviors)
  • Good in Ms Office (Excel, Word, PPT)

Job Description
  • Main purpose of job
  • Doing and manage function of administration marketing and ensure that all the task is doing well
  • Main responsibilities :
  • Doing administration offshore marketing for non Japan area is doing well
  • Inputting data to ERP system
  • Arrange the sample product and delivery to customer and buyer.
  • Order arrangement for non Japan area
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