PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia as foreign investment Japanese Company is the one of most prominent tuna processing company in Indonesia, providing the best quality for decades.

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia established since 1991 and start to produce in November 23 1992, And now PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia already had two plantation at Gempol and Pandaan.

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia is one of the most prominent tuna processing company in Indonesia providing the best tuna quality for decades. Location in Gempol Pasuruan East Java. Now seeking potential candidates to fill for Safety Staff (K3 for Food Manufacture)

General Qualification :
Bachelor degree of Safety Department (preferable at graduated from reputable university)
Have experience in Safety and having Safety Certificate
Behavioral Competence :
  • Team work & cooperation
  • Planning & organizing
  • Relationship building
  • Achievement oriented
Skill competence :
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good English competency
Job Description
  • Conduct operational, coordination and implement policies, procedures of Safety
  • Conduct to control operational of Safety
  • Identifying hazards and prevention at internal company
  • Making review of HSE activities.
  • Ensure that all employee are understand of HSE and hazard potential.
  • Ensure that work place are safe and health.
  • Conduct to control hazard function
  • Ensure the feasibility and adequacy of all equipment that support to Safety.
  • Ensure that all equipment of Safety are running well
  • Making SOP and WI
  • Making improvement or suggestion
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