PT Sin A Sixfifteen

PT Sin A Sixfifteen, is a leading company in ginger candy manufacturer.
With Global Headquarter at Hongkong, our product has been enjoyed in more than 14 countries around the world.
PT Sin A Sixfifteen founded by Mr Njoo Tjhay Kwee 85 years ago to boost Sin A ginger chews market worldwide.

PT Sin A Sixfifteen motto "Sin A always LEADING" describe the company ongoing commitment to combine science, technology, and spirit to provide products that are healthy, safe and delicious.
PERHATIAN!PT Sin A Sixfifteen selalu mengadakan wawancara kerja di lokasi tempat kerja yaitu Jl. Rembang Industri I/30, Kawasan PIER, Pasuruan
PT Sin A Sixfifteen tidak memungut biaya apapun ataupun bekerja sama dengan pihak manapun (travel, hotel, dan sejenisnya) dalam proses rekrutmen.

QA Staff

  • Good Leadership and Communication skills (in Bahasa ang English).
  • Excellent Planning Organizing and Execution.
  • Ensure all Quality Management System has Implementing and maintain well.
  • Plan and manage Internal and Eksternal Audit Process.
  • Monitoring performance Quality Control System to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
Qualifications Preferred:
  • Knowledge in GMP, Halal, 5S, TACCP, HACCP/HARCP, VACCP, BRC, BPOM, Vegan, Non – GMO, Khoser, Gluten Free.
Required behavioral:
  • Have a positive attitude, courage, action oriented, respectful and anthusiasm.
  • Hardworking and have good analyctical thinking

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